Tuesday, December 9, 2008

what a "turn off"

After i came across akuxpeduli blog i thought i should also write,the killer topic
“ how man can turn me off”.

1.a man who haunt for popularity in every circumstances just because he likes to be in the centre of attention. Hey wake up! The word popularity itself comes naturally. You don’t need to pretend and act cool when you are actually not.

2.talking without thinking. Make sense of what u are trying to say; rubbish will just make all the girls turn away. Please make use of your brain which can actually take every breath away. Knowledge is the power of all, so go and look for some. At least your partner won’t be embarrassed to stand by you.

3.norrow civic mindedness and lack of manners. From what i can see, this hitch has been spreading.. from one stage to another. Farting, burping, coughing without saying excuse me or maybe just get out of the way where no one can hear you or smell the toxic which cause us short of breath? What is wrong with all these people, pengotor la wei! eyyeeuuu.. oh ya, the civic mindedness people, please have some respect to all mankind which include Indonesian, Bangladeshi and Nigerian and also our nature. If not you will just bring humiliation to our country.

4. big-headed. I don’t really care what label or brand you are wearing, so stop showing off and you don’t have to go detail about the price or what the brand is. You know what, i just don’t care!

5. proud of the so called deeds that they have done. Drinking (alcoholic), xaxau (did i spell it correctly?), cheating, clubbing, etc. Yeah, i know what the hell it’s your life and you have every right bla bla bla... you don’t need to shout it to the world expecting everyone will respect you for that.well, i just dont! How about just keep it to yourself. ill appreciate it.
to be continue...

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Zarif "Hemos" Ismail said...

Luckily i ain't nothing like all of the above...