Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Let’s start with a very subjective word, “polygamy”. Most man before they commit themselves into a relationship they always believe that they will give entirely to that particular woman and claim that their love is incredibly strong and to fill her with full of love without hesitation. Some may believe and give their heart fully to their partner which is insanely stupid. I admit, few years back I’m reasonably dumb. Ok ok back to that particular word, polygamy. For me, the only ground a man can do such attitude is when their partner did not put any effort in improving the blooms and fire in their relationship and heart. In this case, it’s plain to see that by ditching your partner is a very thoughtful act. But how about when your partner is struggling every breath, hoping, bending, to make you notice that she is nothing less than perfect. I can’t see any reason why any man should have this brainless act (polygamy). I don’t think the quantity is such a great matter, why don’t they see through a different prospect which is the quality. I would like to question men who practice this polygamy act; don’t you have pride in you? Spitting every sweet word without saving them for whom it deserves, act hopelessly romantic to every girl in town. Telling lies, just to achieve your goals, to make yourself feel good and avert unnecessary pain to others. Dear man, please stop polygamy and learn to appreciate whom you have before it’s too late. Stop promising lies and stick to the one your love.

It’s worth it to have one who can love you eternally than many who only love you temporarily.